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Have you read about Plastics in Tea Bags? Not here!

Plastics in Tea Bags? Not here! If you are reading this you probably don't use tea bags, but I wanted to address recent news about microplastics appearing in our foods, water and even in tea bags! Gross, right?! Due to our high standards and passion for health and quality, I want to reassure you that the teas we sell in sachets are packaged in eco-friendly mesh that is derived from plant materials rather than petroleum based plastic. That means that not only are they safe for you to steep and drink, they are also compostable! 99% of our teas are all loose and stored properly to preserve flavor, keeping it from light and heat. We have been committed to bringing you premium quality teas from around the world and will continue to do so with the same high standards we started almost 20 years ago! Pyramid Sachets Available Each package has 15 full leaf tea, eco-friendly sachets, making it so easy to enjoy our premium teas wherever you go. They make great gifts! Available blends in sachets: Grand English Breakfast Organic Masala Chai Moroccan Mint Organic Darjeeling Organic Sencha Organic Jasmine Pearls Organic Chamomile