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Secret Garden


Exotic melange of white tea, green tea and candied fruits, makes an exceptionally fragrant, floral and fruity tea. Wonderful as a refreshing hot or iced tea! Secret Garden is a blend of Pai Mu Tan white tea, Darjeeling and Chinese green teas, sencha green tea, Dragonwell green tea, gunppowder green tea, jasmine jade pearls green tea, candied mango bits, candied pineapple bits, natural flavoring, orange peels, strawberry bits, red currants, sour cherry bits, & apricot bits. A new favorite of our customers!

Loose leaf tea comes packaged in a foil-lined, opaque pouch that has a resealable zip-lock to maintain freshness.

Secret Garden


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I think I killed it with boiling water and too little tea. My fault… it will be better next time.


All 3 teas I purchased are gifts for my daughter in law. They are her favorites.

Mary Ward
My favorite Tea Embassy Tea

I have tried and loved many teas from Tea Embassy, but this is my very favorite. It is light and refreshing, yet has many layers of flavor. I drink it as iced tea, but it would be equally good hot. A tiny bit of sweetener brings out the fruity flavors. Drinking it without sweetening emphasizes the fresh tea blend, without ignoring the fruity and floral notes. I myself prefer it without sweetening. Cheerful but not cloying, subtle yet complex, this is a wonderful blend.

Robyn Coffey

This is my first time to order this tea and’s fantabulous. The aroma is delicious and the flavor is delicate and makes me want more. I will definitely be ordering this one again!

Light and refreshing with great flavor

Complex flavors while still light and refreshing. Floral, fruity flavors, good hot or iced