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Moroccan Mint Green Tea


Gunpowder green tea blended with mint leaves, tastes like you're in Morocco. Add lots of sugar to drink it like the Moroccans do. Also tastes nice with honey.

Steep 1 teaspoon of loose tea per 6-8oz. of below boiling water, 180°F, for 2 minutes.

Loose leaf tea comes packaged in a foil-lined, opaque pouch that has a resealable zip-lock to maintain freshness.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ecellent blend of tea!

The moroccan mint tea blend is an excellent choice, rich in flavor and texture.

Great pick me up for anytime of the day.

After traveling in Europe for 3 months, I missed having access to good green mint teas. As soon as I returned to Austin, I went on a hunt for a pick and came across this product :) It was everything I wanted and very easy to order/get access. Also, this is great iced too and/or if you would like some sugar with it. You can essentially dress up this tea any way you'd like to fit your needs.

Awesome pick. Totally recommend if you're into green tea and/or mint!

Very Minty

If you are a huge fan of mint, this is perfect. I found it a little too minty for my taste, but that is my personal taste because I dont use sugar ever. But if you do use sugar, it will cut alot of that mint bitter taste down. The tea itself smells amaze!

MJ Purt
A cozy tea

I am not usually that into mint flavored drinks, but this was a very pleasant exception. For my taste, I keep the water just under the boil and steep no more than 2 minutes for about 2 grams of tea. It does not need a lot of sugar; if you do add in more sugar it will not hurt the flavor at all.

Full of Minty Flavour

I've tried a lot of mint teas and this one has the body from the gunpowder with the minty fresh spice from the mint. Just don't burn it or it will turn bitter! I have this tea tea stocked at all times.