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What to buy your Mother-in-law for Christmas

MTR-N-LW License Plate

The dilemma. What to buy your mother-in-law for Christmas. Even writing or typing the name mother-IN-law is awkward. Why does it have to have two hyphens? And why does the word LAW have to be in it? Wouldn't they appreciate another name to go by, like Mother-in-Love? Well, we love our mothers and we thank God for ALL of our mothers, even our mothers-in-law. So, ok. We're thankful. We love them. But, what do you buy for her? Does she like anything? The gift from last year didn't go over too well. There must be something she will enjoy. And, yes, there is. She likes tea! So now you know what to get your M-I-L, T-E-A. Below are some suggestions for this holiday gift dilemma that is now solved.