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Wedding Chai


Assam black tea with a more creamy taste from cardamom and vanilla. Not as spicy as a traditional masala chai.

Loose leaf tea comes packaged in a foil-lined, opaque pouch that has a resealable zip-lock to maintain freshness.

Wedding Chai


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kim Ulmer
My Favorite Chai!

I've tried a lot of chai's. Some I like; some I don't. The first time I tried the Wedding Chai, it came in my order as a sample. I fell in love with this flavor. It's not too overpowering, and as chai's go, it has a very mellow, lovely flavor. Just like a beautiful, summer wedding!

You should marry yourself to this Wedding Chai tea

So subtle, the Chai spices just compliment your tea experience not overpower. I was scared to try Chai because of one experience with storefront commericlal heavily sweetened, milked up super spicey Chai concoctions made by a coffee barista. Tea Embassy Wedding Chai is the perfect marriage of fine tea and special spices.


I used to go for spicy black tea almost exclusively. Over the years, my tastes have mellowed a little and if there's vanilla in it, I'll drink it. This blend is a great combination of both. It has a little chai spiciness, but is well balanced by the vanilla for a smoother taste.

Not a pumpkin pie chai

Unlike a lot of the chais sold by coffeehouses, this one does not taste like somebody just dumped pumpkin pie spice into a mug. A nice, balanced, combination of flavors.

Smooth and tasty

I do not like super spicy chai's this one is smooth and tasty. Flavor come through nicely not over powering. I'm glad I discovered this since I'm choosy about chai!