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What's Your Tea Type?

What do you want tea to do for you?

I want something to wake me up in the morning.
I want to drink something to help me relax and calm down.
I’m interested in the health benefits of tea.
I’m looking for comfort in a cup.


Yes! I want caffeine.
No! I can’t have caffeine.
Sometimes, depends on the tea.

I want my tea to be:

Straight from the garden with nothing added to it.
Spruced up a bit with other flavors. Ex. Earl Grey or Mango
Sometimes flavored, sometimes unflavored. I enjoy both.

I would like to drink the following flavors in my tea:

Floral: Jasmine, Rose or Lavender
Spice: Ginger, Cardamom, or Cinnamon
Dessert: Cream, Chocolate or Mint
None of the above.

Do you add anything to your tea?

Yes. I add milk and sugar.
No. I drink it straight.
Sometimes, depends on the tea.