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Tea School: Loose Tea is as Simple as 1 + 2 = 3

How To Brew Loose Tea. Simple as one plus two equals three.

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Learn about loose tea at TeaEmbassy.com.Put on the kettle, drink tea and learn with us.

Enjoying tea is easy and that's all it takes to begin to learn. Simply learn by experiencing. Though tea is a tangible substance to be enjoyed by seeing, touching and tasting, there is so much to learn and experience through literature, instruction, and research. Tea Embassy offers instructional videos, fun and informative blog posts and helpful recommendations from each Tea Ambassador.




Simple Steps to Start Steeping Loose Tea

How To Brew Loose Tea by TeaEmbassy.com
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Watch Video and Learn How To Make Green Tea

The temperature and quality of the water is very important. We encourage infusers so you can control the steeping time. Your personal tastes and the type of tea determine the temperature and time:

Black Tea—boiling water (212°F) 3-5 minutes
Green Tea—below boiling (165-190°F) 2 minutes
Oolong Tea—boiling or below (190-212°F) 3-7 minutes
White Tea—below boiling (190-208°F) 5-7 minutes (try boiling & below boiling)
Puerh Tea—boiling water (212°F) 3-5 minutes
Rooibos—Boiling water (212°F) 4-10 minutes
Herbal Tisanes (Teas—Boiling water (212°F) 5 minutes

Preheat your teapot and cup by filling them with hot water, then discard water. Place one teaspoon of loose leaf tea per cup into infuser. With the best water available, heat to appropriate temperature and pour over tea leaves. Steep for 2-5 minutes and remove infuser from teapot. Enjoy multiple infusions by re-steeping the same tea leaves.

Keys to Making the Perfect Pot of Tea

Good water
Use the best water available as it will dramatically affect the taste of your tea. Recommended types of filters: reverse osmosis filtration, purified water, carbon filter (Britta or Pur). If you are traveling, use bottled water, as it's probably the best water available.

Black tea needs boiling water, 212°F
Green tea needs below boiling water, about 180°F
Oolong tea ranges from 185°F to 208°F
White tea needs below boiling water, about 185°F
Herbal teas need boiling water, 212°F

Steeping time determines how much of the elements of the tea infuse into the cup. Generally black tea is best steeped for 3-5 minutes, whereas green tea should only steep for 2 minutes.

Use the appropriate measurements, about one teaspoon per 6 oz. of water
Larger leaf teas require more leaf in the water, about one Tablespoon per cup of water; ex. White teas, fluffy leaf Georgian teas, & most herbal teas

Loose leaf tea is best steeped with plenty of room to open up and move around, infusers are the best for allowing space for the leaves and making it easy to remove them from the water when the time is up.

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