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Black Tea

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Black Tea, Loose Leaf TeaBlack tea awakens the day as a breakfast tea and revives the midday as an afternoon tea. Taste the difference in premium black tea. Loose tea will change your view of tea bags, opening your palate to the wonders of loose leaf black tea. We have an exquisite selection of traditional english tea, Chinese tea, Indian tea, Taiwan Tea, Ceylon tea, Georgian Tea, and much more!

Whether it's Christmas Tea, Masala Chai tea (Masala Chai), Yunnan Tea, Chocolate Tea, Bergamot Tea, Turkish Tea, Sri Lanka Tea, we have it all! Enjoy browsing our extensive black tea selection and find teas from around the world. Blends that will bring a comforting cup or a brisk breakfast blend to brighten your brain in the morning.

Black teas are fresh, green leaves, which are first withered after picking, spread out to dry, then crushed by rollers to release the juices. This oxidation process turns the leaves brown. Then they are fired by hot air to dry. The orthodox method of processing twist and breaks the leaf but doesn’t cut it into small pieces. The CTC method of cutting, tearing, and curling chops the tea by machine into tiny particles, which causes the tea to brew quickly for a stronger infusion. Most tea bags use CTC tea. The last part of the process is the sorting and grading of the tea. Black tea became very popular in western culture, because of longer shelf-life, as the clipper ships took many months to transport tea from Asia to Europe.

We offer a variety of high quality, loose leaf black teas from around the world. Each has its own flavor characteristics, aroma, and coloring.